Improving Website Performance For Your Customers

website performance graphs and chartsWebsite performance relates to

  • How fast your website opens (particularly on a mobile phone or tablet)
  • How well it stands out among competitive choices to your customers.
  • How well it converts sales or leads for your company.

Because speed to display the content on your website is often the first hurdle, we typically start here and explore how your pages load, and how well they’re optimized for SEO so that it not only attracts the right audience, but quickly delivers information they’re searching for.

Once speed is addressed, we then dig deeper into your message and analytics to identify what in your message may need to be updated to improve your conversations.  Sometimes, that means adding the right page triggers to your website to be able to better identify where conversions are being dropped, but strategically speaking, we look for ways to make your offering stand out from your competition eliminating the resistance to conversion and giving them options for you to capture leads for future sales.

Website Performance for Your Growing Business

We Build a Digital Employees

In our process, we look for more than just clicks and sales.  We know first-hand how things can connect and make your life easier.  Because small business owners need help too, we look for ways to add automations to your website that make managing your sales, marketing or bookkeeping processes seamless while ensuring safe practices for handling customer data.

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To clarify, “Flat-Rate Quote” to us means…

We believe that to be “fair” means that neither party holds an advantage over the other person. We have seen far too many times where customers have come to us after being taken advantage of somewhere else because they lack the technical know-how to know better.  The result was them spending far too much for way too little, so we made it a personal pledge to take a different approach. Since we are in service to you, we would rather be honest and earn your respect.  That said, we prepare our quotes and perform every task based on the concept that we want to treat you the way we want to be treated if we were in your shoes!”  – Deron Eudy

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To best determine your opportunities and cost, we need to start with a conversation to get to know your business and immediate goals better.  Our Performance Consultation are typically booked between the hours of 9 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday, CST.  To request a Weekend Session, please identify it in the information field below.  Your request will be routed to the appropriate person who will respond to you directly within 24 business hours.

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