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We see your website as an opportunity to create an automated employee for your brand.  When built with customer service in mind, your website can transform from an information tool to a service solution they were ready to buy and know where to go to remain loyal to your brand!

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  • Lead Generation
  • Corporate Brand
  • Membership Site
  • Training Site
  • Blog / Affiliate Site
  • Responsive
  • SEO Ready
  • Marketing Friendly
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What to Expect

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Identify Objectives & Define KPI’s

From people to functionality, we want to know your story, and learn about excites you to do what you do and your company’s vision for the future so we can build a website that reflects the character and functionality you need to achieve your goals!

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Market Research & Plan Resources

With your vision in mind, we’ll help you evaluate the competition and organize a digital strategy that focuses on the information and functionality to include in your website that would best support your goals both now and in the phase of technology growth.

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Web Development & Launch

When all of the plans are approved, we go to work to create something that artistically and intelligently reflects your brand and your company culture.  Complete with all of today’s technology standards, it provides you with the connectivity you want to attract your desired customers, maintain customer relationships, and/or organize employees as well as capture the data intelligence you need to help measure functionality to continue to improve your position in the digital world.

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Measure Results & Control Direction

This stage consists of us helping you interpret the KPI (Key Performance Data) data collected by the systems included in your web development and recommend to you where the content or functionality may need some adjustments to help you achieve your goals.

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Maintain Technical Integrity

From a technology perspective, this is where we help you maintain control of your digital environment and the data it collects.  Like Measurement & Control, this becomes an ongoing process to ensure the safety, security and the ongoing advancements in technology are always being applied to your process.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a tricky question for us to answer because it’s not just about us.  The short answer is that it really depends on you – your business goals and the functionality needed immediately to help you achieve those goals.  We simply research, gather, and connect the right tools and resources together on your behalf to help you deliver the data that supports you in achieving the results you desire.   For really big plans, we may suggest breaking down projects into “Phases” to better address each step individually as well as to help you develop some initial revenue that can support the other stages of opportunity you have in mind.  On average the core of the website can be developed within 2-4 weeks, but it typically takes longer for clients to gather information or review and approve copy and content.  We work closely with you to establish goals and schedules based on what you have and what needs to be created, and typically always deliver on schedule.

This again, depends on you, your goals, the data you need to collect, and the research we have to work with to get started.  While we have seen many businesses make decisions based on cost, the data we have reviewed has proven that you get what you pay for, meaning simple (or even DIY) websites deliver simple and often generic results.  Freelancers, while many are very talented, often have the technical skills to create a website, but they often lack the business knowledge to create for you the “communications system” that is designed to help you grow your business efficiently and effectively.  That’s where we’re different.

What we can tell you, is that after we meet with you to discuss your needs, we will provide for you what we feel is a Fair-Time Estimate tailored to meet your immediate needs and budget.

1: Fair-Time Estimate: We believe that to be “fair” means that neither party holds an advantage over the other person. We have seen far too many times where customers have been taken advantage of because they lack the technical know-how to know better and have spent far too much for way too little, so we made it a personal pledge to take a different approach. Since we are in service to you, we would rather be honest and earn your respect, so we prepare our quotes based on the concept that we want to treat you the way we want to be treated.

You do! Unlike some website builders, we build your website in a way that gives you complete access to and ownership of your website content and customer data collected by your website – with the exception of any transactional data that may be processed by a third-party e-commerce solution provider.  We also ensure that your website is aligned with current data privacy laws both in the USA and abroad (particularly the CCPA and GDPR) and take additional security measures in our development process to do all that is reasonably possible to protect the data collected from external threats.

Yes, we can, but we can also work with another provider if you are already established somewhere else.  Our main focus is simplicity for you and what is most cost efficient to achieve the goal desired.  Often times, it turns out our service is less expensive than others, so many clients switch providers to enjoy a cost savings; but it is not always technically necessary to switch providers.

The service we offer is a product that we, ourselves use, and loved so much we became a reseller for their service.  In full disclosure, we do earn a commission for your hosting with our service, but again – we only recommend it if it is an overall cost savings to you.

Each website we build is done so with growth in mind, so it is SEO and marketing-ready from the moment it goes live to the public. That said, if your website is launched under a brand new domain, it may take a few weeks for the Search Engines to get it fully indexed into their rotation and the pages begin to compete organically in search results.  For projects that involve a redesign using an existing domain, advertising can begin right away, but there may be additional SEO triage that needs to take place to support your organic placement.

Yes.  While our websites are built with “organic SEO” in mind to help your website naturally place in common search results for your product or service, in order to stay competitive and strategically located for your target audience to find you on a regular basis, additional SEO tasks or digital marketing strategies should be considered.

Not exactly, but we partner with those who do.  It is important to understand that SEO and Digital Marketing fall under very different skill sets depending on the type of business you have and the audience you want to attract.  We focus our efforts specifically on the technical connections that are required to collect data needed to measure and analyze the effectiveness of such campaigns.  We do, however, partner with many creative professionals with expertise in digital marketing and SEO techniques and can gladly direct you to the strategists or marketers we trust.

We accept Corporate Checks for Development Projects only.  Debit/Credit Cards or Bank EFT transactions are required for all Monthly Retainer and One-Time Transactions.  

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