Need Help With Web Stuff?

Truth be told… in the time it takes you to watch all those videos online, we could have it done for you!
We do this everyday, are efficient, affordable and are truly excited to help your business grow.

  • Web / Landing Page Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Custom Graphic Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization / Performance
  • Create Automatic Workflows
  • Data Management
  • Maintenance & Hack Prevention
  • SEO & Site Optimization
  • Customer & Employee Onboarding
  • Personal Technology Tutor
  • Website Accessibility Updates
  • eCommerce Management
  • Interpret Data Analytics
  • CopyWriting (Ghost Writing)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Integrations & Customizations
  • Digital Strategy
  • Mobile App Solutions
  • Data Privacy Compliance
  • Private Portals
  • HIPPA Compliance

Key Benefits

  • All-American Team with Dedicated Account Coordinator.

  • Serving varied industries, including (but not limited to): Artists & Musicians, Non-Profit & Community Organizations, Healthcare Professionals, Athletic Organizations & Gyms, Business Coaches / Consultants, Lawyers, Independent Educators, Manufacturers, Merchandisers, Bloggers, Home Service Providers, Trades, etc.

  • Hourly, Retainer (10, 20, 30 hours) or Project related Solutions starting at $75/hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand budgets and we understand that there can be different approaches to how a task gets done, so we recognize it  can sometimes be difficult to figure out what you need.  If you are standing in that position, you have two options:

  1. Start with an hourly option to get started and determine how much time might be needed to complete the job. OR …
  2. Start a Conversation with one of our Account Coordinators who has a better understanding of timing related to all the pieces involved to do what you’re asking to have done.

Either way, we treat you the way want to be treated, and are up-front about costs.  Surprises like flowers and the winning lottery numbers are nice.  Extra costs … not so nice.  We do our best to help you budget so technology costs are managable.

Typically, the majority of our customers reach out to us when they have extended their comfort zone or capabilities when working on their own website or web-related tools, and need some professional help to move forward either for just a project, or on an ongoing basis. They are assigned an dedicated Account Manager and receive access to our private Customer Service Portal where they can submit requests, schedule meetings, and more.

In all situations, we evaluate the work to be done and give you a “fair time estimate”¹ for the cost to complete the project. If you decide to proceed, we will work through any authorizations and access necessary to complete the work so we can get started and you can move forward!

1: Fair-Time Estimate: We believe that to be “fair” means that neither party holds an advantage over the other person. We have seen far too many times where customers have been taken advantage of because they lack the technical know-how to know better and have spent far too much for way too little, so we made it a personal pledge to take a different approach. Since we are in service to you, we would rather be honest and earn your respect, so we prepare our quotes based on the concept that we want to treat you the way we want to be treated.

Not as many others may provide.  All clients have access to an Online Ticket System that is available any time – 24/7/365.  Urgent situations (like a site down, etc.) will be marketd “Urgent” and handed with priority.  That said, we do try to limit the need to be “always on” because we value family time and reasonable social lives outside of work, so we encourage our Team to take time to recharge.  That means, we operate with limited coverage over evenings, weekends and holidays and manage our Team size and schedules based on our client’s needs and our ability to complete what’s necessary during the normal business hours of Monday through Friday, from 8am – 5 pm Central Standard Time.

We know this may be a little different, but here’s why…

We do not “outsource” our work beyond the USA borders to extend our hours, capabilities, or reduce our costs.  Instead we hand-select individuals to participate on “Teams” who are assigned specific accounts.  Because we are all juggling various life situations like disabilities, staying home with younger kids or aging parents, etc. we need time to recharge or simply manage other things besides work.  Therefore we hand-select the individuals and companies we work with to ensure we can work within a mutually respective manner.  Not everyone fits our model, and that’s okay.  For those who do, we typically enjoy very long relationships of collaboration.

Sure can!  Julia is an experienced Digital Strategist and has been working and teaching about the online environment for over 20 years.  She can help you define audiences, create campaigns that streamline results, brainstorm content and engagement opportunities, as well read the results to help you identify interesting KPI’s about your market.

Our Merchant Provider accepts Debit/Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Cash App Pay.  If you have questions about how they handle your personal data, please view their Privacy Policy.


Yes!  We are an authorized Agency Partner of SuiteDash and can help you set-up and automate your business!

Yes.  If you have a provider in mind, we can help you get that established, or offer you a cost savings through our own hosting program with plans starting at $70/year with 100 emails and without forcing you to use Microsoft Office.  You can choose how to access your email!

Yes we do!  We have taught both Adults and younger students alike various topics in technology.  We do not currently have “formulated” courses available, but currently provide personalized one-on-one training meeting with students either bi-weekly, weekly or monthly, depending on the needs of student.  We work at your pace and within your interests.

Start a Conversation…

Basic Policies & Information

Payment Options

We accept Debit / Credit Cards via our Secure Merchant Provider.

payment options: mastercard, visa, american express, apple pay, and google pay

Upon payment completion, you will be invited to our Secure Client Portal and asked to authorize a Service Agreement that outlines our Terms of Service before work will begin.

Hourly Support Solutions
Terms & Conditions

All Service:  Once we come to an agreement on service, you will be asked to authorize our Service Agreement and Data Handling Policy.  If authorized, you will be invited to participate in our Secure Client Portal where we you can further engage with your assigned Team on activities and access your billing records, etc.

Quality Guarantee

All work is performed and approved by the client before the work order is closed to insure quality satisfaction.


For quoted projects, once the work has been authorized, it is put into production and can begin as s oon as projects before you have cleared.  If you need to cancel, and catch us before we begin work, you can request a complete refund.  If work has already begun, the refund will be pro-rated based on the time already consumed.  For Retainer clients, we require a minimum 30-day notice for discontinuation of service to allow time for us to remove our access on your accounts.  Failure to provide notice may forfeit unused time in your time bank as non-refundable.